Tommaso Baldini: pioneering a sustainable future for workplace design

Tommaso Baldini: pioneering a sustainable future for workplace design

Today in our new podcast interview, we’re gonna talk with Tommaso Baldini, Sales Director at Buzzi Space. Let’s jump in and look at Tommaso’s career: with nearly two decades of Sales experience, Tommaso started his Sales career at Allianz insurance and afterwards joined the Fashion and Design industry. He earned his Master in International Business, Trade and Tax Law from University of Milan and an MSc in Business Administration and Management from Bradford University School of Management. The primary portion of his management experience results from his role as Export Manager for leading companies in the Fashion industry in charge of US, Northern Europe and Asia. He then joined the furniture and design industry as US & Canada Sales Manager at Pedrali working with contract dealers, architects, interior designers and coordinating a network of agents. Currently as CEO and Managing Directot of BuzziSpace, Tommaso is leading the sales efforts of the brand recognised as leader in the acoustic solutions for the modern office spaces.

BuzziSpace is a Haworth company, one of the world largest furniture manufacturers headquartered in US with subsidiaries worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the realm of future workplace design with Tommaso and Alexandre Campra. We'll be delving into topics such as the upcoming generation's office spaces, the exciting prospects of crafting joyful and wellness-focused workplaces, the pioneering biophilic office in Milan, and a myriad of other intriguing subjects. Stay tuned for an engaging exploration of what lies ahead in the world of office design!

Tommaso, fighting noise pollution is one of the great challenges of the 21st century: According to the report Environmental Noise in Europe – 2020 from the European Environmental Agency, twenty percent of the European population is exposed to high levels of noise over long periods of time, which can damaging to our health. Buzzi Space is a Belgian company specialized in the design of acoustic solutions, specifically furnishings and partitions and lighting, especially for the office environment: what kind of products Buzzi Space provides to fights this invisible enemy?

Well, Alex, Buzzi Space was established in 2007, and since then we've been a pioneer for acoustic solution and all kinds of products that could both manage noise level, reduce the reverberation time, that technically is the echo feeling that we all experience when we are in close environments like offices, like theaters, like what is called like third “spaces”, so lobbies of hotels, airports and also in library, for example. So we provide a wide spectrum of products where we can absolutely improve and fight what is called, as a matter of fact, the noise pollution, because we are all very much aware and exposed on a daily basis to different kind of pollution, not only the air pollution, but fighting noise pollution is actually one of those situations where we are all becoming accustomed without even realize. So from the high tones that is specifically, for example, the ring of a cell phone to the low tones, for example, the one that you always experience in office and closed space, such as the air conditioning sound, our brain and our stress level is continuously challenged and continuously bothered by this pollution. We are definitely a multifunctional products, so we, as you said, we cover from lighting to furniture, from in ceiling solution to floor solution in order to create an environment that can create what we like to call the “healthy and happy workspace”. Since I started this journey in the world of acoustic and the world of design, we are expanding our boundaries: as a matter of fact, one of our main tagline, if you look it up on our social media, is no boundaries. We are expanding our range portfolio and we are entering now a since last 4 or 5 years, a lot of hospitality project, a lot of what we call high education, so University, secondary school and also to be able to offer a good level of well-being. We are also proposing with great success our solution in the health care industry. As a matter of fact, our products are perfectly suitable with all the specific certification that we carry for hospital and health care and institution in order to make sure that especially when people are not feeling very well, at least they are in an environment where they can be surrounded in a in a great situation where the noise pollution will not bother them and will not stress them even further.

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